I am Professor Bob Bowie (Robert A Bowie), author of many textbooks written for schools and colleges most of which are focussed on the study of ethics and religion. I lead a research centre and you can find more about that side of my work here (http://nicer.org.uk). 

This website is about my school work, and in particularly my work around A Level Religious Studies. I do a wide variety of work for school students, teachers, RE advisor groups, and exam boards.

I am available for:

  • Virtual sessions on subject tipics linked to the A Level like Kant, Utilitarianism, Liberation Theology, Feminist Theology etc, (through Skype/Facetime/Zoom etc) or groups of teachers.
  • Online conferences (half days, whole days and individual keynotes)
  • Face to face live A Level conferences, keynotes, workshops

Email bob.bowie@gmail.com to discuss any of the above.

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