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Tens of thousands of students have used my ethics books to help them with their studies. When writing for students I try to write in a clear an accessible way, occasionally with a pinch of humour, and I try to include activities and examples that make things clear to the reader.

What people have said about my books.

“What a find! A suberb foundational text book for A level ethics. Covering all board requirements. R Bowie must be praised for his clarity of writing and presentation. Ideal for AS and A2 students alike.” (Ethical Studies Second Edition)

“It’s amazingly detailed and explains the majority of all I needed for my exam … you cannot possibly fail your exam.” (AQA AS Ethics)

“This book is amazing, the book outlines everything on the aqa syllubus and explains it in understandably and amazing detail, a perfect book for anyone who has to teach themselves, a well worthy buy for the hard workers. 10 out of 10.” (AQA A2 Ethics)

“As a year 13 student approaching my A Level examinations I have found this text extremely useful in preparation for both by AS and A2 exams. As the previous reviewer quite rightly argues, this book is not enough alone to enable you to pass the exam at the higher grades, but combined with your own revision programme this book provides concise notes and plenty of detail which is very useful. It is written in a way which is easy to understand and contains practice exam questions and tips on exam technique. I would reccommend this to any student of Philosophy and Ethics from the beginning of the course in Year 12, combined with personal study it has been invaluable to me.” (AS/A2 Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics for OCR Study Guide )

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